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Subject Rule Changes for 2008
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Author Kevin Hook
Posted 16-Sep-07 21:38:53
  Looking at the flights from this year, I have a couple of suggestions for rule changes for next season. I believe that the ladder should be encouraging adventurous flying. In spite of our efforts two years ago, the present scoring system discourages bold declarations. Landouts near the end of a long task are well rewarded (as intended), but selecting distant turnpoints that prove unattainable carries a very heavy penalty. I am also concerned that the scoring system fails to reward some successful badge flights.

1. Ed Downham’s flight of 30th July is very heavily penalised by the present scoring formula. He declared 900km O/R, but was forced to turn back 50km short of the turnpoint. Scored as landing out at 400km with the task 45% complete gives a worse score than treating the flight as undeclared. Since the decision to turn back resulted in a successful 800km O/R, I feel that this should have been recognised. If we do not change the scoring system, the lure of ladder points will curtail this kind of adventurous task setting.

I propose that when a pilot abandons a turnpoint due to weather, but then continues with the remainder of the task, he should be scored for the actual distance flown on the declared legs and the declaration factor should be reduced to match the percentage of the task actually flown – in this case, 800km flown on the declared legs with a DF of 800/900 = 0.89.

2. With the exception of diamond goal, badge flights allow the pilot to turn any or all of his declared turnpoints in any order. If a pilot decides to reverse his task direction in order to avoid difficult weather, he may end up with a successful badge claim that scores far more ladder points as an undeclared task than as a partially completed declared task.

I propose that tasks where the turnpoints are turned in a different order from the declaration should be scored with a declaration factor of 0.9, thus treating successful badge flights as successful ladder flights.

I’m sure there will be a range of opinions on the above. Lets hear them.


PS I am starting a campaign to have the Antares handicap increased. Is 250 a good starting figure?!


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