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Subject Re: Gliders with motors
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Author Stephen Haley
Posted 17-Sep-07 12:22:58
You could have had the courtesy to read the post fully before replying. Like I said if anything what the ladder stats show is that it pays to fly in wave in scotland and be fearless enough to do huge distances.

Ed has been breaking records longer than I have been flying as well as being ex nationals/record holder. Many of the flights have been with one of his syndicate partners Robin May an open class champ so you could probably stick that pair in a K21 and they would still be in the top 5. The fact that they are the only ones in the top 5 with no wave or ridge flights at all only makes it that much more remarkable. (They are some 5000 points clear of the rest of the pure thermal crowd at circa 19000pts.)

John Williams's flights are equally remarkable as I doubt the antares had much more than a 2000 to 3000ft of climb left in the batts after cold soaking in the wave and almost certainly not enough to get him home from the outer 30% of his tasks.
His last flight had a TP arround a North sea oil rig 30k out - he will be turning the shetland or faroe isles next:)

Please do not depreciate these pilots ability. Without people like John and Ed to lead the way gliding would still involve bungee launching off the downs followed by a ridge flight if you were lucky.


Your stats say it all. All aeroplanes can glide but gliders cannot motor. QED


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