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Subject Re: Rule Changes for 2008
Thread Number 3 of 3 in thread
Author bruce cooper
Posted 17-Sep-07 14:04:54
If we only make one change this year I would love it to be along the lines Kevin described. Even if we could get "declared" points to the point or abandonment then "undeclared" points on the way home it would be less punitive. Ideally, as Kevin says all at declared value minus a factor. I have found this year that I have ended up undersetting and there fore under achieving as I have been a bit of a "ladder slave" and was considering moving away from ladder flying a bit next year in the interests of stretching myself...and it should be the other way round. There are many flights including Kevin's 1000km attempt that were undervalued.

I like the idea of bonus points for over 100kph or over 500kms too!

Should we add the triathalon idea for those who wish to try it? ( it would only require ticking boxes and John doing hours of work to make it happen.)

I really liked the FAI triangle thing this year too but noticed that lots of flights that were 28% had slightly different start/ finish points ( eg Booker), could we have a tolerence on the distance?

now about the DG400 handicap, how about 200?

I entirely agree with Kevin on this. The current system does encourage people to fly 'shorter' tasks at high speed. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this I would like to see the more enterprising flights recognised. Just as a suggestion, and in order to cater for pilots who wish to fly either sort of task, perhaps a weighting could be given to speed tasks at speeds in excess of say. 100kph and a similar weighting to distance tasks of perhaps greater than 500k?

I do recognise however there are inumerable possible ways of scoring and none of them would entirely satisfy everybody!>>


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